The technology can change life around ourselves, making some tasks easier and enable us for more meaningful lives and work.

OKTONEX is newly estabilished investment and accelaration company dedicated to help and support companies which are using technology to solve real world problems with a focus at emerging markets, mainly Africa & MEA.

OKTONEX invest into, accelerate preparedness and growth of companies with valid product & services based upon technologies with potential to solve real daily life problems in emerging markets.

OKTONEX is based in Limassol, Cyprus, which is providing great international and vibrate environment, legal and financial security of EU member country and the same time close access to number of emerging markets.

How We Work

  • OKTONEX is looking for exceptional businesses and entrepreneurs, which do have true potential to improve daily lifes of people
    living in emerging markets through their inventions and innovations.
  • We are not focusing on specific industry or technology sector if the companies meets the criteria specified in the section Aspiring Projects (hyperlink).
  • We do provide way more than just financing and we do always closely work with selected companies in order to accelarate their growth and maximise their potential.
  • OKTONEX is working with partners and advisors across the globe to bring high quality mentorship, support and accelaration for its companies as well as its nurturing its relationships in emerging markets and with local as well global partners which allows for fast implementation of the companies plans.
  • OKTONEX is currently providing accelaration on individual basis to the selected companies and is preparing wider Accelaration program to enhance the access to its resources for wider spectrum of companies.

What we provide

  • Investment, typically in a range €50K – €250K
  • Acceleration led by our advisors
  • Access to our mentors
  • Resources including office space, equipment in Limassol, Cyprus
  • Immigration services for the entrepreneurs
  • Access to our network of partners
  • Access to our investors network for future follow-up investment and scale