We welcome all companies and projects with aspiration if their meeting criterias specified below to apply for to be selected as the company accelerated by OKTONEX

Our criteria:

  • Business needs to have real technology driven invention or innovation, which has unique value proposition for emerging markets
  • There needs to be clear proposition how the product or service will contribute to the improvement of daily lives of people living in emerging markets
  • The product or service has to exist at least as prototype (MVP), not only in idea stage or just as a vague plan
  • The business, entrepreneurs can be located anywhere in the world, there is no neccesity to relocate to Cyprus or have the operation in Cyprus
  • The same time we very much welcome application which will require setup an operation, hq in Cyprus as well as corporate structures
  • There needs to be at least basic team assembled, we cant accept solopreneurs
  • The product or service can be direct to consumer as well as B2B or governments

If you believe you are meeting all criterias stated above please send us via email (hyperlink) your application, which should include following (but add as many as additional information you believe is useful)

  • Motivational letter (can be body of the email) – why you believe your innovation/invention will make substantial impact to the daily lifes of people living in the emerging markets (please be as specific as possible)
  • Your pitch deck
  • Basic financial model/plan for your business and current state of finances (just key information about how much was invested already, whether there is a revenue, bootstrapping etc. is sufficient)
  • Bio of lead entrepreneur(s)

We are very much looking for your application and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.